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Here We Go!
We are in Full Swing in the 2015 Tour. After a great event hosted by the UPRA at the Kick Off Series Rodeo in Amarillo, Texas, we are really looking forward to see what comes about with the UPRA. The UPRA and TCRA have partnered up to create the Stand United Series and we are really excited about that.
We had a great rodeo in Valliant, Oklahoma at the Brand New Busy Bee Indoor Arena! What a fantastic facility. Last Week was their Grand Opening of the arena and what better way to open up than with the UPRA and Flying C! You can view the results of the rodeo at www.urodeo.com.

We are headed in all different directions in the next few weeks. Stay Tuned!

Parada Del So
After a quick layover in Gardendale, Texas with our buddy and announcer, West Huggins and his family, we are in Scottsdale, Arizona for the Parada Del So Pro Rodeo. A big tip of the hat to the Odessa College and Rodeo Coach C.J. Aragon for holding some of the stock over night. They are a great bunch of people. Odessa College had one of the most amazing facilities that we have seen. If your looking to for a college with a great rodeo program, consider Odessa College.

We were able to get in a little early and watch the Parada Del Sol Wrangler Champions Challenge. What an event! Tonight we buck Bulls and have two Pro Rodeo Perfs on Saturday. Then we get to dive home and get ready for Florida!

Don't forget the UPRA Kick Off Series in Buffalo and Amarillo, Texas. The UPRA has really worked hard on this series and we can't wait to go to Amarillo in March and work with our friends in West Texas.

The Flying C Gear is hoppin' so you better get your gear before it's gone.

Until next time,
The Flying C Crew